Artists and art-lovers, welcome to the new The Creepy Paintbox online store!

My name is Samantha and my dream of operating my own little art business has been brewing for quite some time - I began with an Instagram page dedicated to displaying my artwork, and sold privately to friends and family. This then turned into a small Etsy page that garnered a few occasional sales. After COVID19 resulted in unemployment for many others including myself earlier this year, I found myself with a lot of time to reflect on what career I wanted to pursue and where I wanted to take my little art business next. 

Finally, I came to the conclusion that dark and beautiful art should be enjoyed by everyone - whether you fancy a bespoke commission, an eccentric original, a lovely print, or even a mobile phone wallpaper, there is something for you in my humble (but growing) shop.

Ever since I was a child, I was blessed with artistic abilities, as I grew older this only improved and I developed my own style. I completed one of my GCSE's in fine art, and then after school I went into filmmaking, which still involved a heavily-creative mindset and required me to produce a lot of concept artwork. Eventually, after working full-time for a few years, I began branding, I experimented and finally settled on a name: The Creepy Paintbox. A mixture of beautiful paintings, and haunting ones too, to portray that nothing is ever as it seems and sometimes there is beauty to be admired beneath the surface.