Terms & Conditions 

Thinking of commissioning a piece of art?


It might be a unique birthday gift for someone special... or an idea you've wanted your favourite artist to recreate... or maybe you just want something no one else has. Whatever the purpose, commissions are a great way to get your mitts on individual artwork tailored to you.

How does commissioning art with The Creepy Paintbox work?

Every commission is at a fixed rate of £55.  Sometimes people change their minds about their commissioned piece after it has already been started and resources have already been used, so in any case, to deter time-wasting, I will keep a third of the rate (£18.33) and refund the remainder back to you.

Upon placing an order for your commissioned piece, there will be a facility for you to tell me exactly what you would like your unique artwork to be of. I'm sure you won't miss any details out, but, if the excitement of bringing your ideas to life in The Creepy Paintbox style causes you to forget a detail or two that I require, I will contact you to ensure nothing is missed, or you can contact me. 

After this, the commission is started and you should expect delivery within 2 weeks of this date.

All commissions are sealed with gloss or matte (your choice) varnish to protect from dust and sunlight. 

Are commissions ever refused?

While art is definitely subjective and I'd love to bring my art to any and every one, I will absolutely refuse commissions if they promote: 


-Racism/Sexism/Homophobia/Transphobia/Hate Speech

I may also refuse commissions if I don't believe my style is suitable for the work you are looking for. Whilst majority of people that want commissions understand any artist has to have some level of "free reign" and that a commission isn't an exact copy of someone else's work, there are individuals who forget this and may end up disappointed.

If you got through all that okay and you're interested in your very own piece of artwork from me, please click below!