I will be donating 50% of all dog sticker sales to RANA Rescue. 


RANA RESCUE is a UK charity dedicated to rescuing Libyan and Tunisian animals and saving them from the cruel fate of shooting campaigns activated by their government, or the individuals who take it upon themselves to abuse unwanted puppies and kittens or throw them in the trash. 


To read more about their mission and what they do, and why sterilisation is so, so important, please click here: https://www.ra-na.com/ourmission


Large sized stickers, glossy finish. Please read care instructions. 


Reference pictures provided by Maisey, Florence, Tristan, Paige, Chloe and Caitlin and their beloved dogs. Artwork by me and printed myself. 

The Creepy Paintbox: Dogs Stickers

  • Not fully waterproof - for outdoor decals check back in the future or feel free to coat with your own waterproof layer.

    Do not store in direct sunlight as it can alter the colouring and quality of the products.